Intellectual Property Management Services

11/12/2020 5:24:30 PM
Multi-tenant application required!

Do you work for a multinational company in many countries or for a company with local branches? The patents, trademarks and designs are processed company-wide, nationwide and locally, but should also be made selectively available to others, do they? All information or only limited information? Multi-client capability including a profound rights concept would be the solution? No problem for Continux! With the latest technology, sophisticated software and data architecture, you have the choice. Real multi-tenancy automatically recognizes who the data owner is and automatically controls the access to IP data as you have defined it - denied / allowed / restricted! Or you authorize access to individual segments, patents, processes, files, ... depending on different roles and people in your company. In this way, we guarantee a well thought-out role and rights concept here too. With this smooth implementation of the multi-client capability, we not only address multinational companies, but also law firms that process, exchange, communicate within their organization, and moreover desire for processing, exchanging, communicating with their clients in a digital way. With just one platform - Continux - you can edit and manage the intellectual properties of different clients separately by separating the individual client "versions" without ever running the risk of the property rights of different clients being visible to one another.

With this possibility, we support you to take a further step towards digitization. Convince yourself and request a non-binding and free demo from us:!

11/12/2020 5:03:46 PM
Integrated ideas portal

The idea: Provide your developers, engineers and inventors with an ideas portal! Your creative employees work on their inventions. In general, a few “rounds” are required to get inventions ready for a patent. Provide your employees with an ideas portal. There, all employees work through their development steps until the inventor is of the opinion that the time has come to file an invention disclosure. You know that until that happens, a lot of information, descriptions, drawings, etc. are necessary. This information is already collected in the Continux ideas portal. When the time comes, the inventor submits his invention disclosure at the push of a button. The patent officer in the company receives a message that an invention disclosure has been received from an inventor, but this does not mean that this will be claimed as invenrtion. As you know, some details are often still missing and additions, improvements and descriptions are necessary before a patent application is finally made. All communication, internal and external, can be handled via Continux. Everything belongs to a process, is traceable, transparent and the respective status can be viewed at any time. Only when all the documents are complete a patent application is filed. Before, at the push of a button, the invention is claimed, and only then deadlines are set (automatically). You can also decide in which countries or continents the patent will be applied for ... it's up to you! You deliver the ideas, we deliver the software! We provide the option of seamless and efficient collaboration, even beyond your company boundaries.

10/7/2020 2:56:00 PM
New Image on Startpage

I changed the main figure of our website to a smiling one. The message is still clear but people will no longer think that they landed on an error page. Yes, in fact some of our users told me that they thought our landing page would be errorneous - because of the sad smiling. So I redesigned the figure into a smiling one. Life is simple sometimes. :)


9/30/2020 9:12:00 AM
Continux' New Look

Wow, we're working on a new outfit! Yes, time goes by. Everything flows. So does our development. As Continux, we will continue to be at the forefront of usability and the joy of working with software. This morning our innovation team made the following proposal for a new software user interface:

Neues UI

I find this very appealing. Let’s see what feedback we get. We will get our advisory board on board to get the opinion of the power users!

11/12/2020 5:24:30 PM Multi-tenant application required!
11/12/2020 5:03:46 PM Integrated ideas portal
10/7/2020 2:56:00 PM New Image on Startpage
9/30/2020 9:12:00 AM Continux' New Look