Intellectual Property Management Services


Choose from one of our basic modules to see their functions and additional options. The modules enable you to select and pay only the functions you need.

This list only contains our standard features. If you have exceeding requirements please ask for our premium license and customising options.

Utility Patents
After you choose an extension its features will be shown below
Due dates and Reminders
Features of the chosen modules
Address management
File overview, preview of the file
View of various content, e.g. view of all property rights of a contact (automatically displayed)
Internal contact for file
Number of members of patent and trademark families
Automatic internal file number assignment (by algorithms)
User specific tags
Description of the intellectual property right
Illustration of the intellectual property right family as a family tree
Illustrations (drawings, trademarks/brands) with preview
Dashboard per user (per licensee)
Personalised entry page for each user group
Show and hide expired intellectual property rights
Group IP-families
Familiy tree with list and optionally graphical illustration
Graphic illustration of intellectual property right in file preview
Ideas portal
Create invention file with workflow from ideas portal
Intelligent copying of property rights (priority and its subsequent filing, PCT regionalisation, etc.)
Categorization by technologies, products, profit centers
Comments in Intellectual Property Files
Assignment of persons as inventor, applicant or lawyer, representative, opponent, licensee, etc.
Roles and rights of individual users (read ony access, etc.)
Intellectual property right assessment (IP committee)
States of an Intellectual Property Right
(Text-)Search over content including uploaded documents
History view for a person or company
Linking persons with entities
Linking files with persons or entities
Rights, individual roles
Access to continux for third parties via portal, including client portal
Third party access rights
Functions of the chosen extensions
Adjustments to the intergrated interface (REST API) (e.g. for annual fee payment services and others)
Number of property rights shown graphically by country including status
Number of withdrawn or expired property rights
Automatic calculation of due dates
Notifications when a data record is changed (alerts)
Notifications when an external user logs on (alerts)
Notifications when the status of property right changes (alerts)
Letters (individual letters) to address receipients
File storage and document management
Data import from the EPO (European Patent Office)
Drag- and drop functionality
Inventors remuneration
Creating an email to a person or entity
Lapsed property rights
Filter functions for the selection of property rights
Formletter integration and text modules
Settlement due dates
Overview of deadlines and reminders of all intellectual property rights, types of deadlines and periods
Geographical distributon of intellectual property rights
Import of data e.g. from SAP or other sources
Costs per IP-family
Costs per intellectual property right
Cost reason
End of durtion
Microsoft Office integration
Persons in files, references
Profit center
Intellectual property rights per profit center, per product or technology
Reports and statistics
Search report
Appointments, reminders and deadline management
Link to the EPO register
Debit note templates and currencies
File uploads and document management
XML import of EP applications
People and companies timeline: recent events
Assigning reminders to users