Intellectual Property Management Services

Reduce effort. Not just in one workplace.

But in the whole company.‚Äč

The IPMS software of the future: fast and uncomplicated access to all the information you need about your IP situation. With Continux software, you are easily guided through your intellectual property rights!


Stop wasting your or your colleagues time with routine-work!

Reduce the amount of time needed to provide relevant information to key stakeholders down to zero.

Report at the push of a button - imagine if you could save the time spent doing repetitive data gathering work for the things that really count.


Make targeted decisions based on a strong foundation!

Put everything on track with well-founded insights into your portfolio in order to develop your business strategically.

Let the tool work for you. You don't have to know where the relevant data lies and how you need to put it together from distributed sources. Find everything you need in one place.


The basic way of working is changing rapidly.

Tools are needed that support this change. Continux GmbH goes a new way to achieve this goal together with you.